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Youtube Slideshows Suck!!

2013-02-03 12:52:41 by PrettyMuchBryce

Hey everyone. I wanted to share something I made with you. It is not game related.
So I love to use youtube to introduce my friends to new music. I can usually find the song I want without much trouble on youtube, but there is a problem. Typically there is often a distracting video associated with the song. This can be slideshows, fan tributes, or bad music videos. When I send someone a song I want them to listen to the song, and not be distracted by a bad video. All I really want is just the sound. So I made a website called.... just the sound.

Check it out and give me some feedback.

Youtube Slideshows Suck!!


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2013-02-03 13:02:31

I hate AMVs the most. "Here's the song you wanted with all the cool clips from Rurouni Kenshin. Oh, and at the end of the video I put something stupid to make me seem funny xD ;P. #doperiodsgoafteremoticons"

PrettyMuchBryce responds:



2013-02-03 13:12:13

Whoa, awesome site dude!

(Updated ) PrettyMuchBryce responds:

Thanks sir!


2013-02-03 13:17:59


2013-06-13 15:59:27

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