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New Game

2009-09-16 21:24:33 by PrettyMuchBryce

I've just recently finished my latest rhythm game. I'm very excited to be able to show it to newgrounds.

It's sort of a retro-styled music-platformer. Atleast that's the best way I can describe it. It's set up like an arcade-style game but has a story that unfolds as you progress.

I'm still trying to find a sponsor for it. My cousin did all the artwork. He's a painter and has never touched computer artwork before now. His work is phenomenal. This is by far my best game yet.

Anyways, you will be the judge of that!

New Game


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2009-09-16 21:29:24

Yipee, I wish my Game Was Coming Along good though...


2009-10-09 18:31:44

Looks great! Can´t wait to play it!


2009-10-09 21:05:52

Looks like something that would definitely hit my Favorites list.


2009-10-10 10:21:55

Looks good. I can't wait to play it. It better be good! :)

Will it have medals?


2009-10-11 15:46:11

cool artwork
your cousin is good.
i think it will have medals because i saw it on upcoming.


2009-10-13 11:42:38

looking forward to it :)


2009-10-13 14:19:56

looks fishy...


2009-10-13 15:09:03

If ya can't find a sponsor, does that mean it isn't that good game? All the same I can't wait!!!!


2009-10-13 16:33:34

Looks great, can't wait for tomorrow!


2009-10-14 09:34:14

the artwork is awesome!!


2009-10-14 15:57:06

I don't like how you have to restart the whole level when you die on the final boss, but it's a good game.


2009-10-14 17:28:36

Great game but The medal "Hero" is bugged, and no one seems to find out Windows 98 in-game achievements.


2009-10-14 18:25:47

Really good, however alot of people seem set on giving you a low score because it's too hard for them.


2009-10-14 18:56:52

Hero Medal is broken.


2009-10-14 20:39:58

Having some touble with it... HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET WINDOWS 98????


2009-10-15 01:34:00

I came here cause I wanted you to know how well I think your game turned out. The whole 'trade a life for a checkpoint' I thought was revolutionary.

But it was the music that made this game memorable for me. Please PLEASE upload more music from it. I love the ones you've uploaded, but I'm specifically hoping for the music from when the Hatted Hero died, and the final Statue Moment music - they were truly excellent.

Well done.


2009-10-15 15:57:20

It's ok


2009-10-15 18:13:45

ur a fagg0t


2009-10-17 11:01:48

the game you made its vary

fustarding well the fish moves to fast well
lest i got past leve 1


2009-10-17 15:48:34

Hero Medal not work! (17/10/2009)


2009-10-18 14:38:49

How do u get Prettymuchit? I have no idea how to obtain it and its the last medal i need.


2009-10-18 14:41:28

nmd, i got it =)


2009-10-18 15:12:20

great game! loved it :)
and was wondering.. could you upload the song from the boss also? :)


2009-10-19 02:35:07

Pretty fun game. Which came first, the game or the music, or did you do both at once?