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how the hell are you gonna do this?

why dont you make more stuff? waht the fuck are you doing? working a job or something? fuck that. make more flash movies. you wont make any money but you will get artistic fulfillment or w/e


I really liked it. The beginning had a really epic quality to it. I would have liked to see more effort and overall more to it. Still great, though.

Masonogy1 responds:

Thankyou SIR! :D

It's more like a super mario parodies parody

Another gem by Jerry Jackson. I laughed my head off. I disagree that it's too long. The longer the better. Great stuff.

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For the kind of rude and unconstructively negative reviews you tend to write here on newgrounds, I'm not at all surprised that your own game design, and development skills are really subpar. Perhaps you might benefit from spending less time writing snarky comments, and more time developing your own skills. It goes without saying that this was a really boring, uninventive, and uninteresting waste of time.

0/5 Would not play again.

samulis responds:


I would enjoy it more if you spent less time writing angry comments when the author of the responses is the Music Composer, who had next to nothing to do with the game design. I welcome you to produce better and/or create a full critique of what exactly is sub-par, so I may tell the developers your thoughts. I am sorry you did not enjoy our game, perhaps it is an issue of style rather than content.

What else is there to say? It's cuboy!

EdibleCastle responds:

shut yer damn mouth

Really cool!

This game had a really impressive look. The effects were really cool. I love the programmatic smoke. It has an interesting vibe to it. I really suck at this one, though. Anyways Good job!

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Please make sure

This is actually a cover of Concerto 9 in b# by Mozart. Please make sure to credit the composer next time.

Nice and relaxing.

I like it. The drums sound a little off sometimes though and it gets kind of boring between the only two parts but still good nonetheless.

I like everything you do though so I'm bias.

Wow pretty cool.

Wow I like this. In a normally repetitive and (sometimes) boring genres like dnb it's good that you payed so much attention to detail. I fucking love that cut out. I like the direction that you take with this one. Keep it up.

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Very cool. A city with fists. The water looks a little too solid.. like ice. Maybe thats just me. Awesome work!

Archeia responds:

Very late reply but you are right, the water is solid. I am going to remake it someday :D


Really great colors and good use of dithering. Very good. I love your work. Would like to see some animation from you.

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