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2013-10-02 22:26:20 by PrettyMuchBryce

Ludum Dare 27 results were announced a few weeks ago. My game Yea which I spoke about in my previous post received

31st place for Audio
10th place for Mood

Not too bad! I am happy about the mood thing because I put almost all of my effort into trying to make an interesting vibe. I was pretty inspired by Papers Please, an old flash game called The Majesty of Colors, and Kings Quest 3. Unfortunately I scored like 165th place overall, so something isn't quite right. With my game I mean, not the judging. I think there were around 1500 participants.

I will do more game jams at some point. If you care about that you could follow me on twitter @prettymuchbryce. I try not to tweet very much unless its something kind of interesting. This is just easier for me than having to write blogs all the time, which I am not very good at and don't have the patience nor confidence to do on a consistent basis.

If you wanna play the game I mentioned above you can find it on along with all my other stuff. Take care.



2013-08-29 00:57:28 by PrettyMuchBryce

Hello friends. I made another little adventure game for Ludum Dare 27 called Yea. It was really fun to make. The theme of the game jam was "10 seconds". Let me know what you think.

I'm especially proud of the song that plays when you beat the game. If you can beat the game.



Ludum Dare MMO

2012-12-15 15:47:56 by PrettyMuchBryce

I'm doing Ludum Dare this weekend. I'm trying to make a weird little browser-based MMO. Come by and help me test it if you get some free time.

Ludum Dare MMO

A couple of months ago I made my second game for Ludum Dare. Ludum Dare is a 48 hour game competition. That is, I had 48 hours to make a game, completely from scratch, all by myself. The theme this time was "Tiny World". After the 48 hours were up, I had created a little game called SailBoatBoatBoat. SailBoatBoatBoat as it turns out, is sort of a strategic, fishing, rogue-like, pirate game. Actually -- I almost titled it "boat-like". I really set out to make the polar opposite of my previous game, which was more of an interactive story than a true game. SailBoatBoatBoat has some interesting mechanics, and I think it has the potential to be something greater. Looking back -- I wish I would have focused more on polish, because I think I lost a lot potential interest by neglecting visuals. The graphics could use a real tuneup, as well as the controls.

This was the first time I had ever made a game like this, and I drew influence from a lot of different games. Probably too many to list. Overall I think it stands up as something interesting that was made in only 48 hours, and most importantly it was a lot of fun to make. I may revisit this one at some point. Until then, check out the jam version and be sure to let me know what you think.

By the way, whatever you do don't follow me on twitter.

Should I post this game on newgrounds?

Congratulations to newgrounds on the new redesign! I would highly recommend you check out the new activity feature by adding me as a favorite artist :)

<3<3<3 newgrounds

Congratulations to Newgrounds on their Redesign

Last week Edible Castle and I submitted our game to newgrounds called Cuboy: Hot Pants. To celebrate, I held a contest to see who could reach the bottom of the mountain first, and offered 100$ USD Paypal to the winner.

My thought at the time was that I could give someone who was a skilled player a little monetary reward to thank them for being so good at the game. Unfortunately, I was proven very wrong. Not a single one of you have reached the bottom of the mountain. So at this time I want to issue an apology to newgrounds. I'm sorry you guys suck at my game.

i owe newgrounds an apology

Cuboy: Hot Pants is finally out here on Newgrounds, and to celebrate I'm hosting a special contest just for newgrounds users.

Here's the scoop. I will give the first person to make it to the bottom of the mountain in Cuboy: Hot Pants 100$ via paypal. Just send me a PM with a screenshot attached of yourself at the bottom of the mountain to confirm you made it.

Good luck guys!

Cuboy: Hot Pants Contest!

New Cuboy Game

2011-02-16 12:05:05 by PrettyMuchBryce

I teamed up with edible castle to finish a new game called CUBOY: HOT CROTCH. It turned out surprisingly awesome. We are looking for a sponsor at the moment, but I can't wait to post it up!

New Cuboy Game

new project

2010-11-17 13:43:12 by PrettyMuchBryce

I am working on a new project tentatively titled "swarm". This name will probably change.

There is still a lot of work to be done. Hopefully by q1 next year it will be finished. I am very excited as this will be my first release in over a year.

new project


I'm looking to collaborate on a new project with a dedicated, hard-working, inspired pixel-artist!

I have no ideas as to what this game will be, however; I would rather not make something super epic and time consuming. Ideally this should take only around 2-3 months.

I would want us both to design the game and give input as long as you are comfortable/interested in doing so! It's a lot more fun when we are both excited about the game rather than it just being a single person's idea. I am inspired by creative and stylistic artwork! Look at my other games if you want to see some of my work.

We will split sponsorship and ad money 50/50. I will design the music as long as this is ok with you.

We would communicate largely through email but it would be cool if we could meet on an instant messaging client once a week to brainstorm.

Please don't respond unless you are certain you have the time to commit to a project like this!
Please reply with links to some of your artwork/animation.

Thanks! Lets make a badass game! Be the garfunkel to my simon.

You can be simon if you want.